Upgrade I watch 1 to ios5

Updated my iPhone 10 to iOS 12 then wanted to upgrade my I watch series 1 to the new iOS 5. No where does it give me the option. Any thoughts?

Pretty sure the series 0 didn’t get the update as end of life? Could be wrong, cut was the reason I moved to a 3.

Are you sure you have Series 1, not Series 0? Series 1 (or above) is supported for watchOS 5, Series 0 isn’t.


According to Apple I own a Series 1. A1554

I realize it’s strange, but I took the A1554 directly off the watch. So according to the numbers it’s a Series 1.

Apple made this kind of confusing by not starting the “Series X” nomenclature until the second generation of Apple watches. Apple refers to the original Apple Watch which came out in 2015 as the “Apple Watch (1st Generation)”. Informally, a lot of people refer to it as the Series 0. The Series 1 and Series 2 both came out in 2016.

According to this Apple support document, model A1554 is an Apple Watch (1st generation), not a Series 1. So it won’t support iOS 5.

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thanks you are absolutely correct…my mistake. Thanks all for your help.

Dang. I’m so glad I didn’t buy that $10,000 gold Apple Watch. I’m wondering if the buyers of that one got some kind of free “upgrade for life” benefit. If not, they should. Even my $1.99 LED watch from the 70s had a longer life span than three years.

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Very harsh situation I agree. Electronics will always have short life span, people shouldn’t lock themselves into such expensive accessories.