Upgrade my iPad 10.5 - now or wait?

I’m really considering upgrading from iPad 10.5 to the iPad Pro. My question is whether or not should I wait until Sep/Oct just in case something new is released.

Any thoughts are very much welcomed!


A couple questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. What would I do with a pro that I couldn’t do with the non-pro version?

  2. With it being only 3-4 months from a possible update, would it be a good idea to get a year older model when the update hits at a cheaper price with the holidays approaching?

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often provides accurate data on Apple’s future product plans said he expects a refreshed, speed-bump iPad Pro in 2019 that is otherwise unchanged from current models. He also says the the next-generation iPad Pro will be released some time in 2020 with upgraded processors, mini-LED backlighting, wider color gamut, HDR and better battery life.


Unless you have a compelling reason to do it now, I think it’s worth it to wait. I wouldn’t expect much beyond a spec-bump, but you’d be getting more bang for the buck with a little bit of patience.

OTOH - If you need it now, get it now, and you won’t be getting something much worse than you’d get later.

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There’s no urgency. I wasn’t sure whether there would be even a spec-bump planned for this year.

It seems waiting is definitely the best option… thanks everyone.


Just sold a few items and set the money aside for an iPad upgrade. Since I happy with my 10.5 Pro I am wondering how many years before I make a change. 2020?

Enhanced chips and screens are attention getters. (Software too but I expect it’s going to be awhile before the 10.5 is underpowered.) The 11” did not tip the scales. Slightly larger screen and new pen setup noted…

On the other hand I still use a second gen Nexus 7 daily. Wakes me up in the morning, captures an occasional midnight brainstorm, and runs Audible apps just fine…

If the 11" didn’t tip the scales, a speed-bumped model this fall probably might not either. You’ll have to see how much faster it is, and whether than means enough to you.

According to Kuo one internal difference in the year-end model will allow the antenna to connect directly to the motherboard, “which will supposedly help reduce signal loss and improve overall networking performance,” according to Appleinsider.

The late 2020 (or possibly early 2021) model should be a big jump from your 10.5" though, with improved performance, image, and battery life.

Definitely wait, what can’t you do on your 10.5?

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Waiting for a new shiny toy :rofl:

Yep, have decided to wait indeed

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New iPads (and possibly Pros) coming soon: