Upgrade SSD of MBP mid-2015 - anyone?

Hi! My MBP currently has a 512GB SSD and I am running out of space. Did anyone upgrade their SSD and wishes to share?

I am aming for 1TB. Right now I have 50-100GB free, there’s 100-200GB of stuff I’d like to additionally have on my Mac, so it would be enough for the next years.

I installed a 1TB upgrade from OWC ($599 when I bought it) and had a kernel panic soon thereafter. At the time, it was my only Mac, so I put the original SSD back in and returned the 1T SSD. They didn’t give me any hassle at all about the return. I did work with their support, and it seems like they had me do something that seem kind of “hackish”. I can’t find an email record of what they had me do.

I hate and despise Apple for having that weird connector on the SSDs and moving away from user replaceable storage and RAM.

The simplest and perhaps even least expensive option is an external SSD, although it’s not as convenient as an internal drive. In the US you can get the 500Gb Samsung T5 for under $100 and the 1Tb model for around $215.

I tried the same 1TB OWC SSD in my late 2013 MBP. I have extensive notes of what they had me try if anyone is interested but the end result was the same. It never worked correctly (kernel panics, sleep wait failures, and at least one lost file). Not recommended.

No, out of the question. I don’t want stuff hanging from my MBP. :wink: I have a ton of data on the NAS, and it’s essential data I need In my Mac.

How about utilizing iCloud and let MacOS manage your storage needs?

Possible alternate option: that version of the MacBook still has an SD card slot doesn’t it?

You can get short stubby SD cards / MicroSD card adapters that when fitted are flush to the side of the MBP so it can stay in there all the time. (Nothing hanging out!)

My girlfriend has a MBP from work so I got her a micro SD card adapter (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B014GOLB8A/) and a Sandisk card to keep all her personal data on so it wasn’t mixed in with work stuff. Not heard any grumbles about it so apparently it’s working ok! :wink:

Sample of a short SD card: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transcend-JetDrive-Lite-Storage-Expansion/dp/B00WGARJIS/

Looks like the largest micro SD card you can get is 400gb so this does fall short of your target (or exceeds it if you consider the option of multiple cards to be swapped in as required!). I would guess read/write speeds aren’t going to be super fast either but you may not require that.

Just thought I’d mention it in case it was a suitable / cheaper “work around” to see you through a year or two more.

I described my storage needs. They are reaching 500GB. Can’t move virtual machines to iCloud, can’t move the LR to iCloud, etc.

@stu_w: I have one of those in my Mac and non-speed-essential data is on it (huge Calibre library). But I still need more fast SSD storage.

@Lars, ah, fair enough, I was quite impressed when I saw those gizmos, wasn’t sure if many people knew about them though.

I can see the virtual machines needing a lot of on-board storage… as for Lightroom… is using smart previews so you can store your raw files off the laptop an option / something you’re already doing? (I’m presuming you’re using LR Classic?)

The actual photos are several TB and on a RAID (and yes, backed up). 43GB of Smart Previews, 101GB of Catalog Previews. Not a single Raw on the SSD. Not deleting them because I want to fly through my collection.
But when editing a new photo shoot, I need that space on the SSD to work with it quickly. The SSD is also the backup for the XQD/SD cards. When travelling, I often move stuff (virtual machines) off the SSD to make more space available. Many reasons to go for 1TB.

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Yup, sounds like you’ve exhausted that option then! You sure 1TB’s going to be enough? haha :wink:

Storage is never big enough.
As RAM is never big enough.
My first computer had 1kB.
Did a lot of stuff on 48-64kB.
Moved through PCs in the MB range…
Wrote reports at work on a PC (40-66Mhz, 16MB RAM, 3,5" floppies, ~200MB HDD) and did get a lot of stuff done…
Now I have multiple TB of storage, need 1TB as main drive in my computer, 16GB of RAM ar great but 32GB would be better… :smiley: Moore was right.

So…where’s the new Mac Pro?

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I know what you mean, it’s weird to think that today my graphics card alone has more ram than my first computer had hard disk space!
Good luck with the SSD upgrade!

I remember in 1991 marveling that the 2Mb RAM in my NEC PostScript laser printer was more than I had in my Mac!

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I upgraded the SSD in my early 2013 MBP from 512GB to 1TB with an OWC kit. I had a couple kernel panics soon after, but it’s been rock solid ever after.

I have upgraded a few MBA and MBP models with the OWC Aura SSD card with great success. Only had one MBA that gave me fits during OS install but I believe it has a RAM issue. Latest install was the 2TB SSD and it runs really well, but cost $899US.

I am going the DIY route.