Upgrading from iMovie to?

Been using iMovie to do editing of my videos and am looking to up the game a bit. Would like a MPU user realtively unbiased review of personal experience with Final Cut vs Premiere.

I’m not a fan of subscriptions but I do already get the Adobe Photographer subscription so I could convert to the plan that includes Premier at about the same cost per year and buying Final Cut. So no real incentive either way other than FCP is a one time buy.

I am on an older iMac so not yet affected by the Rosetta version of FCP on M1 macs.

No collaboration required with other people/system. I may get video or audio segments from others but I’ll be the only editor.

Not really skilled in even using iMovie but functional. Am dreading the learning curve of either package so probably a tie there.

If you’re already on Adobe products and like them, I’d go with Premiere. Not that I’ve ever used FCP, and it is a great piece of software too. It does takes a very different approach to editing and comes with a significant learning curve, is the hearsay I’ve adopted as my truth :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on using Davinci Resolve? Its free version should be sufficient for your needs if you’re not doing anything crazy.

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Never heard of it before.

I found iMovie ok but slow and painful to align voice over sound with video to the exact frame which I needed. The drag and drop was ok but not great at that.

Could be the hardware? :person_shrugging:

Not the speed of the software the slowness because of how you have to interact with it. Dragging and aligning clips was not really easy and I’m a mouse centric operator usualy. But it was very hard toget things aligned correctly and took a lot of back and forth hence slower for me to make it look like how I wanted it to look.

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Video is notoriously slow to work with, unless you are an editing pro. I used to estimate about 1 hr of work per minute of final footage. That included cutting, transitions, audio tracks, background music and text overlays. Premiere or LumaFusion would be similar.

My last project used the Adobe Spark Video. Extremely fast, but with way fewer options to control yourself. Output file was in 720p I believe, even though I used 4k footage.

The result was very satisfying though, and the software was a joy to use despite its limitations. It is included in your Photographers plan already.

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I didn’t even realize it was included, will check that out too, thanks. Outputs are going to be for YouTube primarily so 720p shoudkl be just fine.

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