Upgrading from iPad Air 3 to 5

I have been thinking about upgrading my iPad Air 3 to the 5. This is mainly because of

  • The Apple Pencil 2 compatibility
  • The fancy Magic Keyboard

But is that enough to justify the expense? I mainly use this larger iPad (I have a Mini for reading and content consumption) for document review and note taking in either Goodnotes or PDFExpert to keep paperless. I got a Bridge bluetooth keyboard a couple years ago, but hardly use it.

I’m hoping that the new M1 chip in the Air, along with features in iPadOS 16 to be announced at the June WWDC, will make using it with a keyboard and apps more compelling. Does anyone have any thoughts on when someone should upgrade from a 3 to a 5? I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

For annotation and note taking, if you are still only on the Apple Pencil version 1, having Apple Pencil 2 compatibility would sway me.

I don’t consider an iPad to be something to use for typing documents, even with a keyboard. But this is a personal preference.


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