Upgrading to CleanMyMac X from CleanMyMac 3

I bought CleanMyMac 3 a while back and have found it pretty useful. CleanMyMac X just came out and the upgrade price is a rather steep $45 (I’m not interested in paying $20/year and add yet another subscription or in getting it via Setapp). Wondering if it is worth the money or if I should stick around with version 3, which seems perfectly competent.

I’m also interested in what you guys think of CleanMyMac X, especially about the malware removal features.

I found on the Mojave Beta that anything before the X beta wouldn’t run unfortunately.

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Will probably wait until the non beta Mojave comes out before deciding. I have used most versions, I think its a good product. I last paid for it 3 years ago when it was 45AUD for a 5 computer family license. So the uplift in price is high.

I can’t help feeling that this is a ploy to push more people to Setapp.

Question for Setapp users, does the Setapp licensing allow you to use CleanMyMac on more than one computer?

If it does I’m moving to Setapp

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I had not previously used CleanMyMac, but today installed CleanMyMac X from Setapp on a MacBook Pro running 10.13.6. Ran fine. Removed 15 GB of unneeded stuff.

There was an odd slowdown when it emptied the Trash (only 160 MB so should not have taken 3 minutes to do that).

Can’t say the malware tool was good or bad since it found no malware.

According to Setapp FAQ

Yes, if you have regular Monthly or Annual subscription plan, you are free to use Setapp on two Macs simultaneously. Just install it on your second Mac and log into your account. Note that Educational plan provides a subscription for one Mac only.

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Not so for me no problem running com 3 on Mojave beta

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Further info, Ed license is one mac - you have to sign out from one device before signing in to another. You can do this remotely through the web app however.

If you are eligible for the educational subscription it may be worth this extra hassle

@anon41602260 its possible it was not simply emptying trash during those 3 minutes, there is a step where it reviews old and large files. This always takes a while the first time it is run

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CMM3 works for me on Mojave beta. Seems like I might have had to give it whole-disk access before it could attend to everything. There is one cache file that it doesn’t have permission to delete, but not a concern.

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Three years ago I paid $19.95 for the upgrade from v.2 to v.3, and I got v.2 as part of a MacHeist.com bundle in 2013, when it effectively cost me nothing.

After 5 years of quality service for $20 I figured it was worth upgrading for the $49.98 charge (after $45 upgrade discount). So I did.

So far so good. Seems a bit speedier. Still trying to get used to the new look of the menubar drop-down though…


Have always thought about cleanmymac after hearing about it on MPU (I currently use Disk Doctor).

Just had a look at X… and the idea that you need a subscription for cleaning/decluttering software seems pretty gross - or a $100 US one off.

No thanks.

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My go to cleaning app is CCleaner, the free version. This is a carry over for me from my Windows days. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of CMM but gets the job done.

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Just run the free version of Malwarebytes if it frequently finds bad stuff you need to first stop clicking on the “update Flash player now” and get the paid version for continuous protection…

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The base Setapp subscription is good for two Macs. The two Macs can install any or all of the Setapp apps (Note: you can’t load app A on 2 machines and app B on two different machines).

Additional Macs can be added for I think $5/month.

There have been recent sales on a year subscription. I took advantage of them to get two years for just over the normal 1 year cost. I have a third laptop that isn’t included; I still need to decide if I want to pay or can live without on that machine.


Thank you for raising this question, @Ajay.

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Thank you all for chiming in. I’ve decided to stick with version 3 for now as the $50 upgrade for a utility that I use sparsely seems very steep. I am perfectly happy with the current version and hope it works well for the foreseeable future.

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I recently uninstalled CleanMyMac via Setapp. My iMac was freezing constantly whenever I tried to use the application. Anyone else experience the same thing?