Uploading photos from Mac to iCloud so I can sync w iPad

So I guess I’m not a real power user. I bought Siri Shortcuts and want to get them to my iPad for viewing offline while on a long plane flight. I have them in Photos - in an album on my Mac, but I can’t get it to upload to iCloud so then they will download to iPad. Am I going about this the wrong way? I leave tomorrow
Any help is greatly appreciated.

First thing to check is in your Mac if it’s set to sync the photos to iCloud. Think it’s in the preferences of photos from memory.

Once it uploads you can then download them in iPad to view offline. That’s the iCloud way for it.

I assume you can still also sync via USB cable but unsure how to do that!

Otherwise, if it’s just a few photos, consider airdropping them over just to remove this hassle for this trip.

This could be done to a compressed zip of the images, too, and send them to an app like Documents or Goodreader.