URL Schemes in Logos Bible Software

Has anybody had luck utilizing URL schemes with Logos Bible Software and Launch Center Pro or Workflow/Shortcuts?

Here is what I’m thinking. The notes editor in the Logos app is P.O.O.R. and I generally do all of my other non-Bible study note taking and mind scribbling in Drafts 5 or in Ulysses. What would be amazing is if I could have a thought, write it down QUICKLY and then send it to a note within Logos (extra double bonus points if I could link that note to a scripture reference). Similarly, I routinely come across articles about specific verses while reading in feedly on my iPad or iPhone and there is no easy way to link that article to a scripture reference in Logos. I can do this in literally every other iOS app…except for the most important one, Logos.

What this would also do is allow me to read in my physical Bible (which is my preference) and take notes in Drafts 5 or Ulysses as I go, and seamlessly send those notes to the appropriate scripture reference for later continued study.