USB-C cable not connecting to CarPlay consistently

Hi there… when I got my iPhone 15 Pro, I ordered this 10GB USB-C cable to connect it to my car for CarPlay. It works, but usually not right away. I sometimes have to plug it in and unplug it 2 or 3 times before it works. Any idea what could be going on here? It’s brand new so it’s not a kink or loose connection in the cable itself. Or is this normal for USB-C data?

This is happening to me right now, too. I’m using the cable that came with the phone, though…so I need to try some other ones. Takes me a few times usually to get it to cooperate. Sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. Super weird

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I’ve had similar problems but addressed by firstly ensuring you’re using an MFI/CarPlay certified cable that’s not longer than necessary and also — for me — thoroughly de-fluffing the lighting port on my phone with compressed air and a tooth pick! (Be gentle and power down your phone first)


I would (1) try another cable, preferably a MFi certified cable, and (2) clean all the connection ports, the car’s and the phone’s.

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The problem for me is I’m using the cable Apple gave me. Surely that’s supposed to work with CarPlay?

Have you verified that the port on the car is not at fault? Can you try another port on the car? Can you try another cable to see if acts up as well? Just a thought.

For me, I have two ports and they both do this now. I’ll be trying another cable (you never know, maybe the one that came with my phone is faulty) but it’s certainly odd that it just started when the new phone/USB-C cable. Fingers crossed it’s just a cable issue.

It should work, but it could be faulty. Try another Apple cable to be sure. Also clean out the connection ports with compressed air or contact cleaner, both the phone and the car.

Really makes me confident in the USB-C connection if after a couple months of use, I’m already taking compressed air to my phone and vehicle…something I haven’t had to do for years with the previous USB-A/lightning cables.

Did the compressed air make a difference? I’m trying different cables and getting the same result.

FWIW, I have this issue sometimes as well. Not every time, but I’d say 20% of the time I need to unplug/plug to get it to realize there’s an iPhone there and to spool up CarPlay.

The weirder issue for me is that more often (40% of the time-ish), Everything will work, but I get no audio from the iPhone through the car speakers. So, any music or podcasts are silent, even though they show as playing (complete with time elapsed showing). A plug/unplug cycle fixes this pretty much every time. SOMEthing is whacky with CarPlay.

For the record, this is with a 15 pro and VW Golf.

The number of responses here and my recent experience make me think that this might not be a cable/car issue after all. I’ve been facing very frequent disconnection of late with my iPhone Mini 13 over USB-A to Lightning in my Audi. It used to work just fine but since the past few weeks has been extremely flaky. Could it be an iOS 17 bug/issue?

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