USB C hub to drive 4K UHD at 60 Hz

Does anyone know of a USB C hub which can drive 4K UHD at 60 Hz and pass power to a MBP?

As far as I can tell the only options are for 30hz. Which means the only way to have a one cable external montor, power and hub (ie the usb c dream) is with a usb c monitor.

Am I missing something?

There are adapters out there that say they do it, but I don’t have any personal experience with them. None of them that I see have any other USB ports on them though, just the power passthrough port.

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Apple’s multi port adaptor (HDMI version) does it. If you can use Thunderbolt 3 then there are a fair number of docks that manage it quite well.

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Could you include a link? The one I found ( only does 30hz

I (unintentionally) lied to you! It really does only do 4K@30Hz! When I traced the cable back from my TB dock, I must have made a mistake and followed the wrong one. The funny thing is that I could have sworn that when I was setting things up that I had to use the Apple connector to convert from USB-C to HDMI for the 4K monitor because it worked at 60Hz (and because I’d ordered the wrong cables).

My whole (desktop computing) life has been a lie for the past year!

(Sorry if I got your hopes up)

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These might do what you’re looking for though:

:upside_down_face: No worries, I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing something.

I’m going to order this:

I was just hoping only to have one cable going into my laptop. #firstworldproblems

I understand that desire. I opted to buy TB3 docks for my home and work office which give me that one-cable solution (for two monitors even), but they’re not exactly portable.