USB-C Hubs that can power two Harddrives

As many have lamented, finding a good USB-C hub is not easy. I currently use Apple’s AV Adapter and Anker’s slim USB-C hub but am looking for something that would allow me to run two external hard drives without having to plug in an external power source. When used with the 2016 MacBook (1 port), the Anker Slim Adapter requires additional power via micro-USB Cable.

What’s the model of the drives? Do they have USB power ports?

They are Seagate Slim portable drives with no extra power ports just meant to run off power supplied by the computer.

The MacBook (single Type C USB 3.1 Gen 1 port) likely can only supply a max current of 900mA out the USB port. I am guessing each drive, if they are USB 3 devices, requires more than 450mA so an unpowered hub would only be able to handle 1 drive plus some low current draw devices simultaneously.

Thanks, that is likely the case. Does anyone know of any hubs with pass through USB-C power that could use some of that pass through power to power the hard drives?