USB-C to multiple USB-A hub

As I wait for my new M1 iMac to arrive I realize I need some way to connect all my USB-A devices. Currently connecting a ScanSnap, Dymo label printer, disk drive, and wired keyboard. Any recommendations for a hub that can handle these? Not really interested in hubs that have HDMI , SD cards, or Ethernet. USB-A with sufficient power for the spinning drive is all I need. Would like it powered from the iMac instead of needing an external power supply.

A good unpowered 4+ port is hard to find.* This Ugreen is cheap but should work for you, assuming the scanner has external power and the keyboard and label printer won’t require much. Still, you might consider a well reviewed 3 port and a single a-to-c that goes into one of your other ports.

*lots of misfits :wink:

Three ports will work since I’m getting the new keyboard and will go wireless. Any recommendations of 3 port devices?

I like this Vava hub:

It also happens to be a Wirecutter favorite.

My son gave me a Vava hub similar to that for Christmas. Mine has an Ethernet port in the end. I am glad to have that for zoom meetings.

Also scroll down on that link to find many variations.

I also use a Vava hub very similar to the link above. TBH, I rarely use more than one USB port at a time, but it has worked very well for me.