USB frustrations

First-world problems: My ScanSnap ix500 and my MS ergo keyboard both refuse to work through a USB hub. Since even my aging MBP has only two USB ports, that means I have to remove either the keyboard or any external drives before scanning anything. Which adds just enough friction to have me jumping up and down in a toddler tech tantrum. I’m not really expecting y’all to have a solution, but who else am I going to vent to?

I wouldn’t mind going with a new Bluetooth keyboard, but I work with languages and I like to use one with Czech keycaps, which are just about impossible to get in the US (and AFAIK the MS Surface ergo model I’d want isn’t available with Czech keycaps at all).

I’m also planning to buy a new MBP as soon as I’ve scraped the money together. (It’s long overdue!) I assume I would have heard the screams before now if the ScanSnap didn’t work with USB-C on the newer MBPs, but I’m wondering if I’ll still be able to use the keyboard.

Have you tried them with more than one hub?

I’ve tried two different powered hubs — both cheap ones, admittedly.

The ix500 has wireless scanning, that’s how I get around this problem with my MacBook

For some reason mine won’t connect to my network, either. Wasted several hours trying to troubleshoot that a couple of weeks ago. I should probably just go live in a cave.