USB Hub for Macbook Pro 2018 - speed issues

So I have a few hubs that have a USB-C and have a bunch of USB3.0 inputs. Only thing is that when I plug the hub into my mac, all of the peripherals are slow… slow response time from Keyboard, ext hard drive goes into read only mode, etc). Do any of you have a hub that seems to work with a bunch of stuff attached? Or do I need one is that powered by an external adapter maybe?

Some USB-powered devices work poorly - or not at all - if they’re connected to a non-powered hub. This is a well-known issue with some USB-MIDI music controllers, and the solution has long been to use powered hubs. (Or to use class-compliant controllers… but not too many at once.)

I’d recommend reading The Wirecutter’s reviews of USB hubs and USB Hubs/Docks, both of which were updated a month ago.

In 2015 I bought two of these $45 10-port powered hubs, which later became Wirecutter’s top choice for 10-port powered hub. They’re great, never had an problem with them.