USB hubs for Mini

Hi all,

I’m running out of USB ports on my Mac Mini.

Does anyone have suggestions for a hub which houses both USB A and C and doesn’t cost the earth?

Thanks for reading.

Guess it depends on what you mean by costing the earth, I have one of these Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub ( (seems to have gone up by £20 since I bought it), but only TB4 docks will get you multiple TB ports or more than 2 USB-C

I bought this, one benefit is that it can accommodate a SSD inside the hub

It’s easy to get more USB-A ports, there are plenty of options out there. I’m running Anker USB-A hubs on a couple of computers with no complaints. USB-C is much harder. As @aardy notes, you really have to go to a Thunderbolt 4 dock to get something with multiple USB-C ports on it. That will run you $200-$300. Mine is an OWC equivelent of the CalDigit that he linked to.

This is the one I bought. Very pleased with it too

If you can wait, this new announcement in CES would be a very impressive product