USB hubs, printers, Java, and more seemingly broken by macOS 14.4 update

Just in case anyone is having issues

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I wish I’ve read this article before my upgrade three days ago.

From the linked Ars Technica article:

The blog post also indicates that these bugs weren’t present in the public developer betas of macOS 14.4.

Apparently Apple slipped this into the release without going through beta. Must have been in a hurry for security reasons?

Another 14.4 issue?

I haven’t updated yet, but shouldn’t Apple pull the update if this happening

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There is a also a big issue with Audio Units in Logic Pro that are protected with PACE’s iLok software. Probably some internal macOS update regarding memory protection or whatnot that thwarts the copy protection software. The only workaround is running Logic with Rosetta.

I do not print very often (maybe once a week), but yes, I am affected… :frowning:

I have to print using my iPhone or my iPad (or my PC). “Think different…” :person_shrugging:


I do not know if posting here did change anything or make my Mac think twice, but I just was able to print again. Maybe I am not affected after all.

Why, oh why, Apple, are you breaking point releases of macOS? :man_shrugging: