Use for a 1st generation iPad

Any ideas for what to do with a 1st Generation iPad? I don’t think I could sell it or trade it since it is so old but wondering if there were any other uses for it. I currently have an iPad 2 and a MacBook Pro.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Reading device (books or news)
  2. Video player for kids
  3. Photo frame

Do you have any devices controlled by apps, AppleTV, smart bulbs, thermostats etc? Maybe just using it as spare or wall mounted remote control for ‘smart home’ stuff?

How about this?


I use mine as a photo frame, hung on a wall. It’s not perfect but it’s fun, and it is still running ok. I stream shared Photo albums for display.

How did you mount it in the wall? Care to share? And presumably it’s also connected to power (lightning cable) when hung — did you manage to hide it?

Might give this a go — just not sure of the practicalities?!

We use a 1st Gen as a game and video device for my 4 year old daughter. I am amazed at that machine. It takes such a beating, and seems to never get a scratch. They built it so solid. Also, we will often forget about it in a drawer or something for weeks at a time, and when i pull it out it often still have plenty of battery left (and i never turn it off). They are pretty amazing in terms of hardware.


It would be the 30 pin connector. I think it was the ipad 4 which first used Lightning.

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Yes it is the 30 pin connector, and I have not hidden it, it is just plugged into an adapter in wall outlet below the iPad.
I attached it to the wall with Velcro strips used for hanging pictured. It works fine, seems very stable. There’s just one strip at the top and it does tend to tilt slightly from time to time, I just rip it off (I mean carefully remove it) and replace it, hopefully straight. It might be better with two strips, one at each side, but honestly it’s hardly noticeable.