Use google sheet to collect quotes


I’m trying to find a way to collect quotes from different contractors and been trying to get it to work with google sheets. But I’m stomped.

I have a sheet with everything I want done, how big areas needs to be painted etc. Then I have two column for price and material that I want them to fill out.

What I’ve been doing is to send separate spreadsheet to then via email and then manually compiling it and comparing.

What I’m trying to do is to send out a link to each contractor ( preferably the same one) where they can fill out the sheet with out seeing what someone else has put and then syncing that to to a ”main sheet” where all data is aggregated.

Do any of you smart people know of a way I could accomplish it?

I would try to solve this with Google Forms.

You create your survey in Google Forms. Send the link to each contractor. Each person that fills it out recorded as a new row in the spreadsheet.

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That was my first idea!

The problem i run into is that one row contains multiple cells (7) with two that needs to be filled in. And putting all that information just as a different question in forms would make it hard for the contractor to calculate and get a overview of the prices he has given.

I’m trying to make it easier for both of us :slight_smile:

And moving everything into a new form for every order would start to add up in admin time I think, and it may actually be quicker just to send out sheets via email and aggregate them manually. But I must admit I have worked with Forma maybe 2-3 h before so I might be wrong!