Use iCloud Photos to link to images on the web—edit: nevermind, it doesn't work ;<

Update: this doesn’t work universally for some reason. It was too good to be true :disappointed:

I just discovered a neat trick: you can use iCloud as an image host. Just in case I’m the second-last to find out about it, here’s how to do it.

  1. In Photos, context-click or share sheet on the image you want hosted → tap “Copy iCloud link”
  2. Paste the link into a browser, and hit Download
  3. On iOS/iPadOS, tap View to get an in-browser tab with the photo
  4. Copy the link in the new tab—that’s your hosted link!

![Some image](
…turns into…

Some image

The link doesn’t have a file extension, so I’m not sure it’ll work everywhere. But it seems to work here on MPU!

I don’t host images very often. When required, I’ve uploaded them to any of the usual web hosts. This usually requires almost more trouble than it’s worth, typically because I need to navigate logging in and/or traversing a set of steps in order to finally get the thing uploaded and linkable. This approach seems to be quicker. Maybe there’s even a way of Shortcuts-ing it…

(Does anyone know if the link will expire? It seems like it won’t.)

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I’m seeing a broken link (blue ?) - perhaps b/c I’m not authenticated as you?

I tried opening the link directly on my Mac and got a page with the text “Gone” & nothing else.

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Dang. I knew it was too good to be true… I would’ve thought a copied link wouldn’t require authentication.

I’ll investigate to see if this can be made to work.

Alas, it was too good to be true. You can’t get a direct image link via this route whatsoever. No idea why it displayed on MPU for me.

I’ll delete this thread tomorrow. :cry:

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I’m seeing his screenshot in the post, but pasting the link into Safari just returns an empty image.

How odd. I can’t even see the image on these posts anymore, hah!

I’ll edit the post and leave this up for posterity. Maybe someone else will have better luck someday.


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