Use iPhone as a remote to play music?

Hi MPUers, I want to use my iPhone as a remote to play music on a spare android phone (that is connected to Bluetooth speakers). I do not want to play music on/via my iPhone, since I want it to not connect to any speakers, so I can make/take calls anytime without interrupting the music. I just want to trigger the play/pause from iPhone, the music play on the android (sound comes from bluetooth speaker connected to android). Any way to accomplish this?

Or do I need a raspberry pi to make this work?

EDIT: The music is offline mp3 files, so Spotify connect doesn’t work

You might want to check out Spotify Connect. Not only does it work with phones, tablets, and computers, but you can control music directly playing on compatible speakers, TV and gaming consoles.

Great suggestion. I thought about it, unfortunately, the music is offline mp3 files

I use Roon running on a Roon Rock NUC.

4 alternatives:

  • If you have a NAS you can set up a media server using Plex, Kodi, Sub or any DLNA server.

  • You can also use an old Mac/PC as media server (needs to be always on)

  • Use a Raspberry Pi with external harddisk set up as a media server

and use your phone as a remote.

That said, there must be an Android app for your phone to act as a media server. Just don’t know if the phone is powerful enough to run it. Start here: The Best DLNA Media Server Apps for Android – May 2019

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I haven’t tried this, but if you can run a service on whatever device hosts the offline MP3’s you should be able to do this with MPD/Mopidy and SnapCast. MPD will let you stream music from your server to other devices and SnapCast is a synchronised end point which you can send music to (with clients for most OS).

So MPD will let you stream music, a SnapCast client will let you send music to the Android device, and an MPD client on iOS will let you control what music MPD plays.