Use Keyboard Maestro to Solve Failing Dropbox/Files use on iPad?

Hi Folks,
For the folks that use keyboard Maestro. Can the app be used to solve the following problems.

As they say (for MacOS), do not keep iCloud folder or dropbox folder) inside each other as it will eventually cause sync issues. Could you save an identical folder in both iCloud and Drop box, and setup KM to evaluate both the folders at the end of each day to save only the most recent edition of the files to both folders ?


  • I still find iCloud buggy (rarely syncs, creates endless duplicates etc) so I am sticking with dropbox
  • Dropbox just doesn’t integrate that well with either the files app on iPad or with the iWork documents on iPad (favorites don’t save, accessing files for attachments just not as seamless on iPad etc). Basically, if Files and iCloud worked as seamlessly as dropbox on macOS and dropbox wasn’t being diminished on files, I wouldn’t need to explore this.

Thoughts ?

I would recommend using Hazel for this.