Use search criteria, but still able to expand folders

One of the things that bothers me when it comes to using the Search feature in Finder is that we lose the ability to expand folders, which is something I use A LOT.

So for example if I have this:

and now I use the Search field to filter out all folders that don’t have the Green tag, I get this:

So there’s no way for me to expand those folders anymore, which forces me to either 1) double click the folder to see what’s inside or 2) double click while holding CMD to open a new window to see what’s inside.

Either way, it’s not a good workflow, at least for me.

Is there an alternative to this that is native to macOS?
Or is there an alternative app that does this?
I keep seeing Finder alternatives, but never tried them, because I never felt the need to. I have HoudahSpot though, which adds some extra features, but it doesn’t allow the expansion of folders either.

The reasoning is that you are searching for green tagged items, so it will only show you green tagged items in the search window.

You could improve things by giving the folders descriptive names or descriptive tags.