Use Time Capsule with Eero?

I previously backed up my computers with Time Capsule. I found the network unreliable, so I changed to Eero. Is it possible to back up my computers to Time Capsule without using the networking capabilities, or do I need to get a new external hard drive? Thanks.

Eero has two ethernet ports. I use one to connect my Time Capsule to one of the Eeros. The two need to be in close proximity, obviously, because cable.

Think you could possibly connect the time capsule as a bridge and still use it if you need it wirelessly.

As above Ethernet would definitely work and be quicker :+1:t2:

Yup, I’m doing the same thing here.

Here are the two settings in AirPort Utility that you need to set:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi
  2. Put the Time Capsule into Bridge Mode

Then just plug the Time Capsule into the Eero.

Once you’ve done that, you can plug other devices into the Time Capsule’s Ethernet ports if you want. Works great.

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I did it with the Ethernet cable as well. No point in scrapping my AirPort Extreme even if I was no longer using it for wifi. I didn’t notice any change in backup performance and it doesn’t seem to affect wifi performance either.

Does this setup allow you to do automatic time machine backups?

Yes. You need to configure System Preferences > Time Machine > Add or Remove Backup Disk and choose Other AirPort Time Capsule, which will open the AirPort utility for choosing the destination, which your network will know about because it is connected to the network via Eero.


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Hey everyone, thanks for your help I changed the settings as indicated above, and it worked!