Use Windows XP on Apple Silicon

I’m doing my accounting on an old installation of Windows XP, and I don’t have the time or interest to learn a new app for that.
Since I bought a MBP 14" M1 I can’t run Windows XP anymore, neither Parallells nor Fusion support it. However, Windows XP could probably run on an Apple Watch since it’s not very resource intensive… And back in the '90s at least Parallells did support Intel emulation on the RISC processors. With the power of the Apple Silicon I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be possible to do the same thing today?

Question: Is there any way to run Windows XP, or a Windows XP application, on a Mac with Apple Silicon?


Yes, maybe. QEMU should be able to do it and is a nice wrapper for it.
As long as you done need OpenGL or DirectX


Microsoft doesn’t support Windows XP anymore, why would you expect to be able to run it on an M1 chip?

I hope you don’t connect your XP computer to the internet. You will be vulnerable to all sorts of unpatched attacks.

Now that would be truly mind-blowing to see in action :slight_smile:

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