Used 10.5” iPad Pro vs 11” new version

Aside from Face ID and newer processor and slimmer bezels will I really notice a difference speed wise while using a 2016 or 2017 10.5” iPad Pro? I found a 128gb 2016 10.5” pro for 300 on Facebook marketplace and then Costco has them 100-150 discounted this weekend. So the 256gb one for 799 or 64 for 649…any advice or thingra I should consider? Not a super power user tbh, but I want to get more efficient with using iOS and iPadOS for sure. My previous iPad is an iPad Air and this is the first update it won’t get and that’s kinda bothering me. So from the air I know the speed will be way better and 120hz screen way better…

I have never heard of a 10.5" Pro from 2016 (I thought the 10.5" Pro was introduced at WWDC in 2017?).

Are you sure this is genuine?

iPad pro 10.5" was introduced June 2017

Haha, maybe that’s why it’s 300 and my eyebrow also raised when I first read that…lol

I misread it, its a 9.7’ ipad pro.

I still have the iPad pro 9.7". I have to put up with the pencil having to be plugged in to the iPad, sticking out in a way that makes it vulnerable to damage, in order to recharge. First world problems. Other than that, I don’t know what I’m missing :-). Well, the Face ID of course. My main worry about buying old devices is they have less lifetime for software upgrades.

FWIW, if you just want a new iPad that can run the latest OS, and handle most jobs you will ask of it, I suggest you look at the entry level iPad that starts at $329. It runs an A10 chip vs the A9 in the 9.7 Pro, so it likely will be upgraded at least one year longer than the 2016 model. The screen is excellent, but not the quality of the Pros, as is the performance. It works with the 1st gen Apple Pencil or my choice the Logitech Crayon.

This is the iPad (with 128gb) that I choose to replace my Air2 that was destroyed, and I have been very pleased with it. The Pros have larger, and higher quality, screens and other desirable features. But they are also much more expensive to replace, and travel damage is a factor for me.

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Just bought the iPad Pro 2017 with the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard for £400. This is the 64 GB version with Wi-Fi and cellular. This was an incredible deal. It’s secondhand but still had three months AppleCare warranty.

If you’re still on the edge of whether to buy an iPad or not I recommend buying secondhand because last generations iPad Pro is absolutely fantastic and well worth the purchase. It would’ve cost me over £600 more to have the latest iPad Pro which wouldn’t have been worth it for me just for slightly less bezel, Face ID and a new Apple Pencil and a few little other things.

I upgraded from the 10.5 to the 11 and haven’t looked back. I love it. I gave the 10.5 to my daughter who is also quite happy.
For me it’s the form factor and the new pencil. Gr8 machine

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Thanks guys for the input. I found a good deal today for a 2017 iPad Pro 256GB with the Apple Smart Keyboard cover/case for $475. Even with the deal Costco was running today for the 11" I would have spent over twice that amount. It’s night and day faster than my OG iPad Air for sure. Talking with the guy he had upgraded to the 12.9" and Apple offered him $400 to trade it so he bumped it a little for a quick sale.


You can buy a lightning extender and solve this issue. My cord is about 4 inches long and allows it to lay flat and not be at risk.

If you have the possibility, go 11", it is an amazing machine. I believe too that multitasking on iOS 13 will work much better on the newer one.