User Accounts & Activity

Hi All,

I just wanted to confirm my thoughts and I hope they are accurate.

I have an 2011 Mac mini running Open Legacy Patcher and macOS Ventura. The Mac mini is used solely as a backup machine and hosts a 8 TB external hard drive that is shared on our home network. That 8 TB hard drive is partitioned and has 3 main functions: Time Machine backup storage, Photos backup storage for myself and Photos backup storage for my wife.

On the Mac, there are 3 accounts: Administrator, myself and my wife. The Administrator account is just there to be the admin. On both my wife’s account and mine, we are signed into iCloud on our respective accounts. The Photos app in each of our respective accounts are set to “Keep Originals on this Mac” and the photo libraries are both on the 8TB hard drive. The idea is that the Photos app in each of our respective accounts will keep Originals from our photo library on the 8TB drive as a form of back up.

Here’s my main question: If I use Fast User Switching and all three accounts are never logged out, Will the Photos app still run in the background for both my wife and I and keep our respective photo libraries up to date, even though the account is not at the foreground, as we upload more and more photos to iCloud?

Thanks in advance.

The apps for other users that are currently logged in should continue running in the background, including Photos and its sync.

You can test this: use Activity Monitor, then View > Other user processes, and you should see everything that’s not running under the current user listed there.