User Accounts Corrupted

After switching User Accounts I saw multiple crashes and forced a reboot. Now my boot sequence had “Update Needed” against the User Accounts. However once logged in this resolved but re-appears on a reboot. What’s corrupted and how do I fix it?image

Thats a new one for me.
I suggest to first start with a safeboot. It could be that some application with that user is in the startup items and is crashing everything because it needs an update. Safeboot will get you past that point and allow you to update the application(s).

If all else fails to a safeboot, repair permissions and reinstall the macOS.

Assuming you have back-ups right?

Multiple backups.

I found few community posts like this suggesting this is a FileVault issue so I’m in the (long) process of disabling FileVault, checking User permissions and re-enabling FileVault.

I that works but in the meantime I’ll take any other suggestions.

Either way I would start with the easy solution: Safeboot and Reinstall the MacOS.

Wow. That bad?

I’ll try the FileVault OFF/ON first. I may even update to High Sierra.

Happy to say this is fixed!

I disabled FileVault which took a full day to complete, but on a reboot the Users are restored.

Yep thats why I suggested to do the safebooth frist. Might have saved you a lot of time.

Ok dumb question, what is that and how would it save time if the system wasn’t linking accounts with the FileVault record?

I had discounted your suggestion not from the Safeboot but the reinstalling the OS.

See my original reply to an app that needs update but is launching on startup.
Safeboot gets you arroun the chicken and egg problem.

It would have been an easy try before going trough the lengthy process of reinstalling the os or turning off filevault :slight_smile:

Possibly but I still think of an OS reinstall as the last resort and I wasn’t there yet