Uses This site - interview about what people use to get their jobs done

I just read an interview on this site and I see they arrange the interviews by categories. I see a beekeeper category but no sheep farmers, @OogieM.


Neat! I used to love Lifehacker’s How I Work series.


Clearly I need to try to rectify their gross oversight :grin: I’ve added it to my task list, The way things are going I may get to it sometime in 2022 :crazy_face:


Maybe you need a new helper?

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I know what our sheep would do, attack the robot dog, that is if our guard dogs didn’t take it down first. We never try to herd our sheep at all, it’s a lot easier to train them to come when called than keep a border collie busy the 364 days we do not need one. The one day we do I figure it counts as my aerobic exercise for the month. :laughing:

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The article in the Guardian said that regular dogs seem to think the robot dog is a foe to be fought whereas sheepdogs think it’s a piece of farm equipment.

Interesting to hear that sheep will come when called :slight_smile:

Regular dogs aka pet dogs are often the worst killers of sheep. Sheepdogs, as used in the UK means herding dogs. like collies of several types. The most well known are border collies but here are several types of herding dogs. Our dogs are Livestock Guarding dogs. They live with the sheep year round and guard them from harm. That harm can be from other dogs, foxes, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, eagles, hawks, magpies or even people trying to hurt or scare their sheep. They are totally different from other dogs, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to believe they are the same species. This is one of our dogs Leena, an Anatolian Shepherd, in with her sheep.


It’s wonderful to see a picture of your field and flock @OogieM. Thanks for posting that. Whenever I’ve read you posts, I’ve had an image in mind of fluffy white sheep. That’s probably the standard city dweller sheep trope. Wrong!

As an amateur genealogist I’m quite familiar with the color of the sheep pictured.


I really am the Black Sheep of the family :rofl: