Using a backlit keyboard with the iPad Smart Keyboard Folio and other unintended configurations

This is an embarrassingly obvious thing to do and I can’t believe I’ve not tried it till now. Nor have I ever seen anyone else mention it. I’m generally very happy with the Smart Keyboard Folio. But at night I’d like to have a backlit keyboard. Also, the media keys are very nice to have. In recent weeks I’ve been somewhat tempted by the Logitech Keyboard and today saw the Zagg pop-up. Both would have benefits and drawbacks. As I pondered them my wee little pea of a brain lit up.

As it happens I’ve been using the Logitech K811 for about 5 years and it’s one of my favorite keyboards and it can be paired for quick switching with 3 devices. I have it paired with my iPad but rarely use it. This evening a lightbulb went off and I set it on top of the keyboard of the Smart Keyboard Folio and started using it instead. I think I’d assumed that there would be issues with the keys of the folio keyboard registering taps but they don’t. Not at all. Because the K811 has a hard plastic bottom I can make it slide around a little if I try but that’s the only hint that it’s not attached. I could probably add a thin bit of rubber on it’s underside so that it would be a bit grippy and stay put.

It’s just a little thing but sometimes its nice to be able to solve a problem just by the simple placement of one thing in relation to another.


K811 is my favorite keyboard . I also paired my iPhone for a occasional long text even an Ulysses session. Not ideal but it works.

My 811 has four tiny rubber feet… mine is a few years old. A Hermit Shell case protects it in my messenger bag.

I noticed after posting last night that something that will not work if the iPad is docked for typing is the Command-Tab and Command-Spacebar for the app-switching and Spotlight. Then I started goofing off with different ideas. What if the iPad is used in a sort of A-Frame position? Yes, this has some real potential. In my lap while sitting in my favorite work spot, a big bean-bag chair and my legs up on my table. Actually very stable and now I can adjust the angle. Been working this way all morning.

Out on the porch you can see the variety of angles possible. Also, conveniently the Apple Pencil still has a place to sit though it obviously won’t charge. Note, on some smooth surfaces the iPad would probably slide a bit but in my lap and on this table it stays put.

I don’t see any “angels”, but then maybe the camera didn’t capture them. :slight_smile:
= Thanks for posting - when I read it, I smiled and took an extra look (just in case they were there).

…As I sit here typing on Apple’s unlit folio keyboard.


Ha, thanks and corrected!

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When my 2008 MBP’s keyboard started dying, I used a magic keyboard laid over the laptop’s keyboard for a couple of months. Kind of a pain carrying both in a backpack.
Fortunately kind friends and family gave me gift cards and I got the top case replaced.