Using a Mac for presentations

A friend buys windows laptops because she can’t count on her Mac working with the systems where she goes to give presentations. Any help out there?

She’d need to give more info on what she means by not working. I’ve never had a problem so long as I know the input type I’m plugging into.


I recently had an issue getting a MacBook Pro to work with a projector. In this case, changing the refresh rate from 60 Hertz to 30 Hertz (in System Settings > Displays) solved the problem. The projector didn’t appear to be capable of dealing with the 60 Hertz signal.


Interesting. I’ve had several times where the built in hdmi on my MBP will not be recognized, but using an usb-c adapter will work. I’ll look at the refresh rate next time. Thanks, Tim.


Where I work, none of the setups with cable are Mac-compatible. We use multi-monitor setups that are not tested on Macs, and no cable or connector makes it possible to use them correctly (I’ve tried countless!). Changing display settings and refresh rate also does not work. Linux surprisingly does work with any cable and so does Windows.

To get around this, I use a Windows mini-PC to connect to the display, open Zoom, and then connect from my Macbook.

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What Windows mini-PC do you have? Any specific reason for using Zoom or is that just what you have available?

Hi @timlozier . I know how your friend feels. I present for a living and I am at client sites daily. Mac’s are compatible at 95% of my client sites but I occasionally hit a training room or presentation theatre that simply wont play ball. When the tech assistant arrives they usually start with the line “Oh. You’re using a Mac.” Sometimes like @timstringer suggests, its a display issue and sometimes its because the IT dept. has installed/purchased systems that are only windows compatible (or locked down for security reasons and are set as windows-only)
My suggestion and my workaround is, that if you know the particular client is windows-only, I take my presentation on a cheap Dell windows 10 laptop which does work at that client’s site.

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I use one of these… MSI Cubi 5 | The Energy efficient Mini-PC

I find Zoom the most reliable. At work I have all the major videoconference apps - Teams, Meet and Zoom - and of the three Zoom works the best.

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Thanks, all. Looks like she’s doomed to buy a Windows machine of some kind.

I think so. My advice is to go as cheap as possible for a laptop that will only get occasional use.

I never thought of this. I have a client where their projector will connect, but it will occasionally shut itself down after a few minutes. It works fine for short presentations without a lot of graphics. Their IT person said it was because Macs push so much more data. (i.e. they look better! I agree). Anyway, would this be a workaround for that situation?

I believe it would. I have encountered a few projectors that behave the same way or flicker constantly. My windows laptop solved this at these clients’ presentation venues.

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