Using Airpods Max for calls in loud environments... external mic needed?

Ive recently switched from my trusty Bose NC700’s which were great for calls to the Airpods for sounds quality / integration and spatial audio features. However the drop in mic quality on zoom / google meet calls has been a problem since I am often in cafes / louder environments.

Does anyone have any crafty solutions to this? Id love to stick with the Maxs for the sounds quality and am considering buying a separate mic for the job if that could be a good option before thinking about carrying two pairs of headphones :confused:

Interested to know what people here recommend

You may be aware, but just in case:

In addition to the Zoom settings, I would recommend experimenting with Krisp if trying to talk in those environments.

If you want a hardware solution, you’re probably looking at directional, set so your mouth has to be very close to it to sound good. IMO, you’re not going to make a great impression with that in your face in a coffee shop on video. A directional lavalier would be less conspicuous but has a good chance of losing its positioning during a call unless you’re good with tape. It might be best to go back to the Bose for calls if you were happy with the sound against noisy backgrounds (though I found that surprising.)

Here’s an idea.


Thanks @cornchip & @JohnAtl ! Definitely inspired by the video & also Krisp ai. Ive ordered a USB version of the Modmic & will try this out with Krisp :pray:

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