Using animation in higher ed. online teaching

I’ve spent a few hours lately learning all the cool things one can do with animation in Keynote, with an eye to continuing to teach online, via some of the following:

But given that my time is not unlimited…I’m looking for resources on how to actually put animation to use most effectively, for teaching - i.e. conveying concepts and narrative, not looking flashy as part of a sales pitch. I’m thinking that for the most part my slides will continue to primarily be text and static images in support of lecturing, but maybe stick in some animation every 10-12 minutes or so. Surely @beck or someone knows of a body of lit. in psych/neuroscience that can give some guidance on the best way to use this cool tech.

Also not using Prezi because

I’m sure you already know this but I’ll say it for others. More important than animation every ten minutes, do something interactive every ten minutes. This is why I love my flipped classroom where I record lectures which students view before our webinar and then in the webinar we practice the material, usually in small group breakouts.


Yes had a brief love affair with Prezi but then found out, as stated in the Brown article you linked to:

“ Prezi presentations are not easily portable to other formats, such as PowerPoint or KeyNote.”

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Just wanted to pop in and say I’m not aware of literature around animation and learning/neuro/psyc, but I would echo @lsieverts’s suggestions to explore storytelling and interaction. There’s a great resource, Liberating Structures, that does a great job “animating” individuals through interaction that may inspire.

Good luck!


(There’s also a classroom version.)