Using Blot Blogging Service with Fastmail

I have been contemplating getting myself back into the blogging game. Earlier today, I purchased a domain from Fastmail (as I’m a Fastmail member), and I figured hey - for $12 why not?

I also signed up for (thanks to other posts on this forum). However, I can’t seem to set up Blot to point to my Fastmail domain…or is it my Fastmail domain to blot.

Has anyone else set up the two services ( & Fastmail domain) with any success?

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Interested in knowing the details of this setup too myself.

Are you trying to host your blog on the root domain? What issue are you seeing? It looks like Fastmail DNS might not support flattening, but you could still use Blot’s A record (

Yeah, on the root. I tried adding a new A record with that IP but no dice. I’m not great at web stuff so it’s a shot in the dark. I emailed Blot about this for help – I’ll see what they say.

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Was Fastmail support able to help you? Just curious about the underlying issue.

I found the Fastmail domain settings confusing. I was just entering the wrong data. Blot’s tech support helped me out and we got it up and running. :smile:

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