Using Books on iPad Pro

Anyone else using Books as a reference tool?

I have begun reading a lot of books in Books instead of reading them physically or in my Kindle.

I most often use the “Mark” feature when highliting. But I’m not sure what it actually does. Does it save the marked text to any repository, does anyone know?

I know that any marked or highlighted text in the Kindle gets saved to a repository on my amazon account.

Is anyone using the ability to add “Notes” to a highlighted text and where does that text go?

Does anyone know what the “Bookmark” feature does? It’s in the upper right-hand corner when a book is opened.

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I’ve never used the notes feature, but on my Mac I remove DRM from all my Kindle ebooks using a Calibre 3rd party plugin (which you can find if you use your Google-Fu), then use epub and pdf apps for notations. (I don’t notate much, but I like having de-DRMed ebooks, which I usually read in Books on iOS because it’s such a nice experience.)


Alright, I dont have a Mac anymore, only an iPad Pro though

I use the books app for both purchased books and pdfs. I just did a quick test and I can annote the pdfs stored there but not the books.

I also did a test of highlighting text and making a note. Afterwards I went to the upper left hand side of my iPad and tapped the ellipsis. This will show three panes, the contents, bookmarks and notes. So it saved the note I made. I did not have to bookmark the page, though I did try it both ways. Pretty cool as I have been using an ebook textbook for a class and this will be useful.


Okay thanks.

So its only possible to view notes from a certain book when I’m in that book, right?

How do you understand the bookmarks and underline feature?

Is it possible to have more than one bookmark in a book? A bookmark to me is just to remind me where I am in the book. But Books does that automatically…

Actually, I just highlighted a few words and it gave me an option to share that selection to the notes app. In notes it saved those words. You could create a page and continue to add to it, I suppose.

In the iBook you can have multiple bookmarks. Last opened page, as you noted, is saved.

Play with it,

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I wish they would fix iBooks for iOS. Whenever I use the keyboard and quickly scroll any PDF using the right arrow to turn pages, it has a horrible bug where the pages just disappear. I can reproduce this on any PDF on both my old and new iPad Pro. It’s fine when viewing eBooks.

This is the only thing stopping me from switching from Acrobat reader.

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I wish they would fix iBooks period.

Why is it that for years now in Kindle I’ve been able to put a book into multiple folders (something only available in the latest version of the Books app[s]), and see with a checkmark which folders/“collections” I’ve put it in, and be able to put a book into multiple folders at once … but you can’t with Apple’s app?

If I buy a book on the history of agriculture, for example, I have no way to see if it’s been put in my FOOD or my HISTORY folders unless I manually peruse those folders.

Apple’s known how to do this right ever since iTunes came out. Even Twitter knows how to do this when adding people to Lists (actually, all the Twitter apps are good at this). But it’s amazing to me how badly the Books app fails on this.

(EDIT: amended to note I was writing about Kindle above)

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Have you tried the Kindle app for PDF’s? I wonder if it’s better for pdfs than Books

The bookmarking feature in ebooks readers and apps appears to be primarily geared toward allowing readers to flip between locations in the book. For example, some of the books I read include references like maps and charts that are helpful to refer back to periodically. I bookmark these so that I can easily jump back and forth between them and my current reading position.

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Good questions and issues raised in this thread. I rather like the Books app. My main issue is that it’s not a good Files citizen. If I could point it at a directory with book/article files, I’d use it often. But instead it’s an import/export scenario.

(Would love to be wrong about this!)

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