Using Edge Browser? Thoughts? I’m intrigued by AI Integration with Bing per Video

I found this video intriguing, though I have far different internet search needs than those demonstrated.

I’m curious about those using the Edge browser on a MAC or iOS device. Any thoughts about the browser and also about Bing? Years ago in my Windows/PC days, I was unimpressed with Bing and I haven’t used a Microsoft browser for 10+ years.

It feels like a bloated version of Chrome with far too many features. I only use it if I need to use Bing AI, which is very good as it has up-to-date data and gives references.

Since Grammarly made ChatGPT available in every app I use, I’ve not felt the need to use it as it’s much more convenient than launching Edge.


Ditto on Edge bloat. It feels like driving in rush hour roads lined with cheesy billboards screaming “buy me”. I find that Bing AI gives nonfactual answers about as often as ChatGPT and Bard. Reality for these things still doesn’t match the hype.



You can use an extension to get new Bing in other Chromium browsers. I use it in Arc. Bing Chat for All Browsers - Chrome Web Store

Essentially, the extension is just spoofing the agent string so the browser looks like Edge to the server, but that’s a pain to do permanently for just one group of sites without an extension.

So a Grammar app now gives you software code thru ChatGPT? In every app you use? Like, ChatGPT in Notion via Grammarly? or VS Code?

Thirding the bloat. It used to be so good when it first came out, I was surprised at how much better Edge was than Chrome in some areas. Now it feels reminiscent of the IE toolbar era—but with sidebars.

I’ve used Bing Chat, I prefer ChatGPT’s interface.

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Well that description, along with the other comments, has convinced me not to bother downloading Edge.

Thanks everyone for the quick responses. I’ll get off the hype train. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry but it is the expectation not the chatbot that is wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

The expectation for Large Language Model (LLM) chatbots should be that they produce text that is convincingly similar to that produced by humans. But chatbot text is not intended to be factual and is not claimed to be factual. It is based on the premise that some words are more likely to follow other words.


I started using Edge some months back when I was having problems with Safari on my bank & some other sites. Safari has improved but I now prefer Edge on Mac. I suspect it is faster and works better on many sites is because it is Chromium based. I haven’t made up my mind about Bing but it is better than the last time I tried it several years ago.

As long as all ios browsers are required to use webkit I don’t see any reason to switch from Safari.

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I’ve been using Edge as my primary browser since it became available for the Mac as I grew tired of Chrome. I can still use all the extensions made for Chrome, it’s more straightforward to deal with privacy options, and it has always seemed to be better optimised than Chrome (especially in terms of power/battery impact on notebooks – this is noticeable or at least was noticeable as I’m no longer using Chrome which allegedly improved in that regard).

There are vertical tabs in Edge, a built-in screenshot tool, collections are also a nice productivity feature, syncing with Edge on iOS works well, and updates are frequent. Quite happy with it overall.

(It’s much, much better than Microsoft’s first attempt at having a browser for the Mac… :wink: )


That is technically correct, and consistent with the LLM literature.

However, these things have been widely touted by their manufacturers as useful. E.g., OpenAI makes claims about ChatGPT’s ability to “answer questions”. If being “convincingly similar” to the truth is what that means, then trust is dead. Users are advised to be aware that ChatGPT and the others are little better than hallucinating robots.


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Bing chat is great, particularly because it gives you footnotes to sources. Best of both worlds–classical search and chatbot Q&A.

Another chatbot alternative: Raycast’s beta chat AI integration.

Consider it to be an alternate (and superior) search engine and you will be just fine.

I don’t rely on the “answers” Bing AI Chat gives me; I read the sites/lnks it leads me to. Just like doing a Google search.

But I have switched 95% of my Google searches to Bing AI Chat because it is superior in almost every way.

I’m in agreement with you. Snake Oil salesmen always suggest that their product is Useful and let a credulous audience make the leap to Truth and Beauty. :slightly_smiling_face:


With Bing, I like the AI/chatbot results. It’s far easier to take in summarised information than scrolling through Google’s lists. There will be errors but that is true of Google too. What particularly annoys me about Google is their “featured result” section which they place right at the top of listings these days. Often it contains downright incorrect information. Many of my searches are technical and in these cases the “correct” answer is not clear cut. However, the featured result boldly proclaims an answer which is often held only by a tiny minority of scholars.

With Bing, and all search engines, it is still necessary to engage brain and follow the results back to source if the accuracy is important to you.

Is there any way to spoof the user agent just for Bing in Safari?

Yes, Grammarly now gives you software code using ChatGPT. I’ve been using it every day.

Here’s an example in Drafts…


While that may hold true for producing prose, how does it explain ChatGPT’s ability to code and edit code based on feedback? Code syntax is much more than just typing the next thing that is likely to follow the current thing…

In a recent interaction w/ OpenAI’s chat I was given javascript/php syntax code specific not only to WordPress but also specific to the Elementor Pro plugin. I was very impressed!

So Grammarly has now expanded their business to include code editing? That’s bonkers!

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Not really code editing in the sense that it corrects code like an IDE (at least not yet).

You can just generate code with AI, then improve it if needs be with further prompts.

But have you tried editing some code, then asking Grammarly to syntax-check it, or prompting the ChatGPT component to look it over? I’m betting it could do that…