Using Fonts in iOS 13

I was looking forward to using more font options in iOS 13 Mail. So far even though I have loaded multiple profiles / fonts via AnyFont and Fonteer, the fonts are not working. I can choose them from the list, but they show up as “Times New Roman.” Why? Am I missing something? Anyone have success importing new fonts and being able to use them in Mail? The fonts do work in other apps — just not Mail.

I hadn’t tried it in Mail yet, but you’re right—it defaults to Times New Roman with any custom installed fonts. Perhaps that’s because the fonts are still being installed using the hacky “profile” method, and not the newer font-sharing methods? Since I haven’t seen any new app that makes use of the font sharing methods it’s hard to tell.

The main issue with using fonts in Mail is that you generally can’t control what fonts your recipient have installed.

For HTML formatted email, I believe the best practice is using CSS to embed externally hosted web-fonts, but your iOS fonts will stay on your device and not travel with a plain-text or rich text email. This means your chosen font will be substituted on the recipient end with a default font, and it will not present at all like you intended.

I would not be surprised if the lack of custom font support in Mail is Apple’s way of “protecting” users from unexpected results.

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That’s plausible. And yet there ought to be a pro option to override (with a clear, easy way to return to default settings).

One of my main criticisms of Mail on the Mac is the inability to change formatted email fonts, which overwhelmingly are what I receive. I prefer black text of a certain size and many many newsletters and ads send out emails in tiny types and with grey (or worse) text color. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t want users to fuss with these settings, at least using stock apps.