Using Gmail with iOS

My new job uses email powered by Google. However, using is giving me issues getting email quickly. I’ve been using Spark temporarily but it’s not living up to what I need.
Is there any recommendations on improving the process without using a 3rd party email app or the Gmail app?

I have never seen this problem on any of the many Gmail / G-suite hosted email accounts. Emails arrive almost instantly.

Do you happen to forward other email to this Gmail account?
If to this often has a significant delay.

Look into the Superhuman email device

Gmail’s IMAP issues are well-known throughout the email-client world. It’s not standard IMAP, and they don’t have much incentive to make it work better. IIRC - they disabled push for a few years ago, too (although maybe not for paid accounts?)

The Gmail app will obviously get you the emails quicker than anything else. Is there a particular reason to not want to use it?


I agree with TJ. Just use the Gmail app (or Google’s Inbox app for Gmail, which I prefer, though it’s been deprecated because of unpopularity, and expected to disappear later this year).

I gave up on and started using the Gmail app about a year ago for its greatly superior search function. Once I got used to it, it became my favorite.