Using Goodnotes with a Sleepy iPad

I have been using Goodnotes on my iPad with my Apple Pencil. I love it, but I am getting frustrated. Any kind of pause in note-taking (which happens often) causes it to go to sleep. I then have to waken it to write something. Is there any way to keep the iPad from going dormant while that app is active? Readdle’s PDFExpert has a setting to prevent this, but I can’t find it anywhere in Goodnotes. Help!

Does Settings > Document Editing > Automatic Screen Lock help with this?

There is no Document Editing option under Settings. The only thing I could find was Display & Brightness where I can extend the time before Lock or eliminate it. I would rather not do that, though, as it would apply to all apps and shorten battery life.

in the settings of Goodnotes (in the app, not iOS settings) there is an option to turn on or off automatic screen lock.

Oops! My bad! I thought you meant the Settings for the iPad, not the app. Found it! Thanks!