Using Homebridge to add a Roomba to HomeKit (High-level HowTo)

Thanks to a ScreenCastsOnline tutorial, I was reminded of Homebridge, a software system that allows interfacing 2000+ non-supported devices to HomeKit. I was pleased to see my iRobot Roomba 980 (and other models) was one of the devices supported.

The setup is a bit involved (tutorial linked above). There are several operating systems supported by Homebridge (Raspberry Pi, macOS, etc.). I used the Synology Docker install on my DS918+. (Go through the ‘Manual Install’, as they suggest, rather than trying to add the docker image yourself.)

You’ll need the BLID and Password from your Roomba, obtaining these involves using a JavaScript application called Dorita980. You’ll also need your Roomba’s IP address, available from your DHCP server.

You’ll also need the Roomba plugin for Homebridge, which can be installed from Homebridge’s plugins menu.

The Homebridge GUI has a QR code you can scan with your phone that will add it to HomeKit.

The end result is I now have my Roomba added to HomeKit, and can tell Siri to ‘start Preston’ and ‘stop Preston’. The plugin also provides three ‘sensors’ that can be used in automations, docked, running, and bin full.

No more waiting for iRobot, and things are a little more right in the world.


Whelp, now I finally have a good reason to setup Homebridge.


I have my robot vacuum in HomeBridge too! Though it’s a Eufy and the setup involved emulating an Android device, eek! Dummy switches are one of my favourite plugins which I highly recommend looking into if you’re after another use case.

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Do they have what models homebridge now supports? I had tried doing this a couple years ago with 680 model and it didn’t work well

Can you tell Siri to have “Preston” vacuum a specific room?

I have a 980, which doesn’t know about rooms. I think the newer models do, but I’m not sure if that is supported.

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