Using iA Writer as an end-to-end writing system

With the release of iA Writer’s new Authorship feature I re-worked how I manage all my notes and writings in one app.


Very cool! I really like the way you customized the authorship feature.

Agreed. This is very cool. It reminds me a bit of Simon Willison’s issue-driven development, where he creates a GitHub issue not just for bugs, but also for new features, and uses the comments there to document his research, thinking and actions. It’s a kind of lab notebook for him.

I think both approaches, yours and his, are brilliant. (My one hesitation in using GitHub issues, for code or writing, is that I don’t want to rely on someone else’s database for my lab notebook. Commits and so on aren’t locked into GitHub, they also exist locally; but as far as I can tell, it would be a pain to mirror the issues in my own repository. Maybe I’m wrong about that – hope so!)

In any case, it sounds like you’re something similar with these seedling posts, comments, etc. It’s really clever.

Thanks you guys for the kind words!

Well, I don’t use GitHub issues, but GitHub pull requests for my writing projects. But I will watch the video you linked because it seems interesting.