Using iPods in 2020

I use a flash modded ipod video daily for listening to music, I’m just curious, does anyone else use these old iPods?

The only person I know who still regularly uses an iPod has a Nano when running. She prefers her Strava Garmin to Apple Watch when training so she uses the Nano for music/podcasts.

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I’ve got a family member doing well with his nano, and newer iPods are excellent devices for children.

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I do, for the HEADPHONE JACK!


Yeah, the headphone jack is pretty great


We keep one plugged into my wife’s truck, loaded up with music and audiobooks. The iPod is a decade or so old and was acquired before she started carrying a smartphone. The truck that it’s in predates consumer Bluetooth so plugging it in and forgetting it was the simplest solution after her CD changer died.

Cell service isn’t reliable around here so it’s not like a phone is any benefit from, say, a streaming perspective.

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Still use my iPod nano (the small square) when I go out as it can still use my Grado SR325 headphone. We use our iPod Classic when traveling as there are still places in my county that doesn’t have reliable services. I tried replacing my iPod mini with its old battery but it looks like I also need to replace its hard drive as it doesn’t boot up anymore.

Use my iPod classic in the car. It has my entire library on it, and does not insist on playing a random song when I start my car like my iPhone does.

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Gave up the iPod when I got an iPhone. Can’t see the need for two devices except for someone wanting a tiny device for running. I don’t run so easy enough to carry my phone on walks or bike rides.

I use an iPod Nano every single day to listen to audiobooks. Love the tiny size and the clip to attach it to my clothes. I have two as back ups that I bought from friends who didn’t use them any more.

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Those sweet lil iPods (mine is a Touch) are terrific for reading books!

Boggles my mind that my lil device is a functional computer! When I was in college, the computers were kept in a lab the size of a football field. Each department had a few terminals you couldn’t access because the pocket-protected nerds were inevitably playing a StarWars type game. I had to wait for hours. Then off to the computers to wait even more hours for a printout of a relational database– pages and pages of what essentially was bologna anyway.

Fun to play music too, of course! Amazing lil device!

I love :two_hearts: the delightful Siri of my iPod! Her jokes are nice and corny. She has terrific comeback when I ask her personal information. She seems to be SIGNIFICANTLY smarter in ios 9.35 than her doppelgängers in OS13.

I thought my iPod had died the other night. But I followed direction and my trusty ipod sprung back to life!

Great idea, Charlene!

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Last week Siri thought I asked it a question and it said out of the blue, “I’m pondering eternity. It’s taking forever.”

I was a little stunned, wasn’t sure I even hear it right. So I said, Siri what did you say - and it repeated it.

I wonder that it thought I asked.

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I agree. I love using old touches. I have a 4th gen, I actually jailbroke it and got siri up and running on it. It’s really interesting to see newer software running on a new device that it’s not supposed to run on. I don’t have a large iBooks library, otherwise I would definitely use it as an e reader, it would make a lot of sense.

Was cleaning my desk this weekend and found a white plastic stick 1st-gen iPod Shuffle from 2005

and a silver 4th-gen Nano from 2008. Image on 2020-07-26 08.13.34 PM

But my favorite iPod was the 3rd-gen ‘fat boy’ Nano from 2007 (which I gave way when I got the newer Nano). I loved the celadon green color, Image on 2020-07-26 08.13.25 PM which looked even better under a frosted white silicone case.

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I’m running an old iPod touch with iOS 6 or 7 for workouts and listening to music and podcast at work. My iPhone only has 16 gb of storage so I don’t want to put my music library on it and not have space for photos and apps.

Nice, you must really have liked iPods. My current collection consists of a first generation nano, a 5th gen classic, a 4th gen touch, and a broken 2nd gen touch.


Texas Hold’em on the iPod 5th Gen (Video). Better AI than AlphaGo.

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