Using Live Text

In a meeting today I snapped a picture of a PowerPoint slide with my iPad mini and used Live Text to paste it into Notability. It worked great.

How are you all using Live Text?


I’ve used it for phone numbers, urls, email addresses on physical signs and paper forms. Pretty slick.


I’ve used a few times, mostly for email addresses, and it’s great! I was kinda surprised to learn that it works on my clunky SE, but I’m glad it does.


I’ve been using it for noting down and remembering which wines I enjoy when eating out in restaurants.

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Copied a ups tracking number from a receipt (Z misread as 2, but fine otherwise).
Coped a Service Tag and Express Service Code from a new lab computer.
Very cool!
Just need to remember that that capability is there.

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Live Text is a lifesaver for class notes :wink:

Our receptionist is from El Salvador and she is teaching me some (very) basic Spanish just for fun. She handwrites some phrases on the whiteboard on the wall behind her desk. I quickly realised I can take a photo of the whiteboard with my iPhone, select the handwritten text and tap ‘Translate’ to see the English translation right there on the photo. Love it.