Using Loqseq on iPad and opening Obsidian Vault

I am new to Logseq

I am trialling to use Loqseq as the front end for data entry to Obsidian. On Mac, I have no issue in using Loqseq desktop app to open the Obsidian vault that is on iCloud (not sure it is better to use open or create new graph)

However, I cannot do the same from Loqseq on my iPad. The iPadOS app would not let me open anything unless it is on the default iCloud logseq folder (with the logseq icon)

Any clue how to do this on iPadOS ?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this can work. At least not at the moment. Both apps are using the iCloud app container folder to work with iCloud Drive, which means those folders can’t be used by other apps.

What about creating on the Mac an Alias inside the Loqseq-Folder towards the Obsidian-Folder?

I don’t know, if this works, but it might be worse to give it a try.

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or may be I create a clone of the graphy that sync to iOS on mac that is also synced to the original graph on the Mac, could be a bit messy though

I finally did that. I use ChronoSync to create a one way backup (not sychronisation) from the Obsidian sync to the Loqseq iCloud app container after file changes from the target. Then I point Loqseq to that folder. I use Logseq for the better interface and outliner function , but I still prefer to write my daily notes from Obsidian. Perhaps the hybrid mode gives me the best of both worlds until I figure out how I can get back to one app instead of two.

For now, Obsidian vault is still my main driver. But I can read all the notes from Loqseq. That works on my Logseq Mac App, for some reason, I cannot get the Mac app to sync with iPad app. May be iCloud is taking a long time to sync (big sigh…)