Using Magic Mouse 1 on iPad

Hey guys,
Like many people, I’m loving the new iPad pointer support. Unfortunately the only Bluetooth mouse i have is a Magic Mouse 1. I don’t have any touch pads.
Due to my location, i am not able to order anything right now, from Apple or anywhere else. So, for the foreseeable future, its the Magic Mouse 1 for me.
I am getting along mostly well, but I need a few workarounds for the following actions (these are the things I’m needing to touch the screen for, and I’m wondering if anyone has some tricks to either achieve these actions with keyboard or Magic Mouse 1)

  • Scrolling- The normal scroll function on the mouse doesn’t work on the iPad. I have had mixed luck with scrolling webpages and documents with the arrow keys. I’m wondering if anyone has another idea?
  • Switching between home screens- I can get to my home screen just fine with command H, but i want a keyboard shortcut to slide across to other home screens (to slide right essentially)

Those are my two sticking points. Would love ideas. I know this seems small, but it’s annoying to have to reach up and scroll when I’ve been used to a Mac scroll ‘wheel’ for so long, you know?