Using "Make Rich Text from Markdown" adds HTML (not rich text) to clipboard

As the screenshot shows, when I try to run a shortcut with the “Make Rich Text from Markdown” command on the Mac, I can’t get it to put text in RTF on the clipboard.

My use case: Copy a block of text I’ve written in Obsidian or Drafts and paste as RTF into the body of an email, or into a Word file, or into a collaborative cloud-based document.

This bug was recently discussed in the Automators forum and there are a couple of workarounds.


Thanks for this! I thought I was losing my mind. The preview of the output still displays an HTML file, but the clipboard has the proper RTF-formatted text, so I’m happy.

I’ve adapted your workaround and then used another third-party app (Text Case), which has a shortcut action “Replace” to convert wiki-links ([[ and ]]) into bold italics, since I rarely want those in something that’s being exported to RTF, but I do want to be able to see key phrases.

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