Using mouse with iPadOS 13 (beta)

Hey, am very excited by the possibilities of using a mouse with the iPad. However I haven’t been able to get Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 to pair…

Am using an iPad Air 3 for note, so Touch ID and lightning connector.

I have managed to get a usb mouse and keyboard working via the USB 3 connection adapter. But the Bluetooth mouse doesn’t seem to appear, where it does on my MacBook.

Anyone else given this a try? Is it not supported (yet) in the beta?

I have the latest iPadPro and have not been able to get the Magic Mouse 2 to pair. I bought a Logitech bluetooth mouse and was able to pair this one. Works fine with bluetooth connection.

Looks like it could be the Magic Mouse is the issue. Perhaps there is software in the Mac that deals with interpreting the ‘button’ presses and scrolling on the mouse that iPadOS doesn’t have built in yet.

Makes a bit of sense that a more standard mouse with actual buttons works fine.

Next is to try the Magic Trackpad!

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Can’t get the bluetooth trackpad to work either. I’ve seen something online about trackpad working with a lightning to USB-C cable, but I get an error with my Lightning to USB-3 adapter when trying to plug in.

I get the same error when trying to connect usb drives too. ‘Accessory drawing too much power’ error whenever I plug in a usb drive.

Post today on The Verge about this.

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Magic Mouse 1 works ok, can’t say I was that impressed with it, its nice to have the mouse available but would be better if they did it properly and gave a small icon etc so that the software developers then integrated it properly.

I did read there was an issue with the Magic Mouse 2 (can’t for the life of me remember where).

Thanks, first confirmation that the MM2 does have an issue.

I’m hoping to hear/find somewhere whether there is an issue with the USB3 camera connection kit, as I bought the pricy dongle to try out USB storage, and hasn’t worked so far.

bowline, thanks for sharing the article! I have been wondering how the new mouse feature was actually going to work, and I will be the 38th person in the World using a monitor with my iPad :innocent:. I just can’t justify to myself to purchase yet ANOTHER hi dollar Apple device, just for the use of a mouse. I am looking forward to hearing more test like this one, and the one joshington is doing. :tada:

Thanks for the updates y’all.

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I have got this working with my MX master via Bluetooth. It works well, really well, and you can navigate every element of the iPad.

However after 10 minutes I was thinking…touch is better…so I stopped using it

It might be good for games

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I’m really loving it. I ended up picking up a refurbished Microsoft Surface Mouse, because I love how thin and portable it is with the iPad.

Two suggestions for those who haven’t:

  • I mapped the right mouse button to reveal the Doc. I have found that very, very, very helpful.
  • Also, when I first connected the mouse, it was so hard to navigate. What changed everything was lowering the Tracking Speed way way down.

Now I really love it. When I’m using the mouse and keyboard, I find that I’m only really touching the screen for TouchID and if I need to go into whatever they call Mission Control on the iPad. And it’s really nice not to be touching the screen. It changes something in my brain when I have to touch the screen and I like the mouse instead.

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Are you taking about Control Center? If so, if you move the cursor to the absolute upper right corner then left click and hold and pull down, the Control Center appears.

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Sorry, I meant the task switcher view. I usually just swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and for some reason, I never do it with the mouse, only my index finger!

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It’s interesting in that it doesn’t recognize all bluetooth devices. The Automation angle is fidgety too. I want to make a shortcut that acts when the Mouse pairs and thus far, it isn’t recognizing the mouse as a legitimate trigger. May be beta woes.


David, If the Bluetooth device is not recognized when you try to pair under pointing devices, go under regular Bluetooth and pair there and then go back to accessibility. That’s when I had to do with the Microsoft surface mouse, and when I went back to pointing devices my paired mouse was connected/listed.

And yes, the shortcuts and accessibility is still very flaky for me!

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