Using my Macs to diagnose wifi problems

I have a very expensive Orbi* mesh wifi setup that seems to fail 2-3 times a day.

I’m trying to find an app (or other) that helps me “see” the problem better, because all I’m seeing at the moment are symptoms:

  • My Microsoft teams calls suddenly drop out, everything goes quiet, then they reconnect
  • Youtube seems to freeze every so often, then reconnect.

When these dropouts happen, I fire up (from netflix) and sometimes it shows me that I’m getting 0 MBPS, but then a few moments later I’m getting over 500.

This “snapshot” data isn’t very helpful, especially because it happens after the blip.

I want to find where the problem is, but I don’t know what tools to use,

I’d like to start by monitoring the network connection coming into each of the 4 macs I have available in my house, and see if there’s any pattern.

Is there a mac app I can use to do this?

  • Orbi, if you don’t know, is a Netgear brand, is shockingly expensive, but netgear support as appalling.

While I currently have no serious problems with my Wifi, I run across an article („Taking Advantage of Third-Party Network Debugging Tools“) about that a couple of days ago.

Maybe you can find something that helps solve your problem

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Thanks. I will go take a look.

Have a look at this thread.

Does your internet come from a pure fibre connection, or does it have some non-fibre connection to your house?

This sounds exactly like the connection at my parents place, which has fibre only to the bottom of their road, then copper up the street. The copper causes regular drop outs as it is not reliable enough to reliably transmit the data, and this causes the connection to drop regularly. When I visit there I have the exact issues you describe.

The only solution, if this is the case, is to get fibre extended to the door (and therefore dig up the street).