Using names (instead of row/column numbers) in formulas in Numbers?

As part of minimising my use of Google products I’m trying to convert a Google Docs spreadsheet to Numbers. This particular sheet has several cells that have a “name” than can be used in formulas. This seems to be a feature that Google copied from Microsoft Excel.

Somehow I can’t find this in Numbers. Does Numbers (not) support this?

If not, how do you work around this?

If you have a header row and column then Numbers will automatically give the data inside that cell a name I have found.

Here’s an example of what @RosemaryOrchard described

Note that you can refer to cell B2 as the intersection of the column and row names: “Apple Blueberry” or “Blueberry Apple” – Numbers recognizes both.

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From what I’ve googled, there isn’t a way to name a particular cell.
You might use some sort of lookup table with the vlookup function, and possibly the indirect function, but this would be much more convoluted than the formula itself.