Using OmniOutliner with a reference manager?

Writing in OmniOutliner on my iPad today as been a revelation. I think it might be the ultimate in distraction-reduced writing. I would like to write my whole proposal document in OO, then export to something not-Word for finishing touches.
Has anyone used a reference manager (Bookends (preferred), BibDesk, etc.) with OO?
What does that workflow look like?
Is it possible on an iPad only?

I also have Texpad, Typora, Marked 2, ad nauseam, if those would be helpful.


Let’s presume the not-Word is LaTeX (based on Texpad + BibDesk reference).

I have no experience but plenty of thoughts.

At one level, you might be wanting to track citations in the document (\cite{…}) versus their keys in the database. I’d look for a split-screen capable reference manager.

At the next level, you may be wanting to compile a document against a bibliography database. I’d look for compatibility with how Texpad manages its citation database and how the iOS reference manager exports its database.


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