Using Pocket and Instapaper w paid sites?

I used to be a VERY heavy user of Pocket and Instapaper. I got away from them and am starting to use them again. At the moment I don’t subscribe to either.

But I subscribe to both the WSJ and The Athletic. Of course when I try to save items from those sites to either app they end up not working because of course the apps saved an unauthenticated version of the article. I was /hoping/ that they would be saved as displayed on my current screen when I choose to save them for later.

Anyone else deal with this? I can’t possibly be the only one seeing this problem. :slight_smile:

p.s. I did find this, but doesn’t seem too promising:

Try Notion’s web clipper. It’s been my experience that if Safari can display it, Notion will capture it. Their free version should be all you need.

Thx. I’m also looking at:

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I believe is just a bookmarking app. If the article you bookmarked is taken offline , then it would not be available. I use Instapaper now (previously on Pocket).

According to Instapaper blog , it saves articles offline on Mac. My understanding is that once you log in and go pass the paywall, whatever display on your browser will be sync to Instapaper. I was trying to search for clearer documentation on Instapaper but I think they stop selling this function as a premium feature. I get a feeling that they may stop offering in the future.

Alternatively, you can use web clipper from DEVONthink . This would be the safest as you can hold on to the files

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